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"…Chicago’s Fulcrum Point New Music Project, which for more than a dozen years has served as a welcoming forum for composers who are pushing the boundaries between classical music, pop, jazz, electronic, multimedia and beyond." - John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune

"Stephen Burns’ intrepid chamber ensemble has made a mark in Chicago, providing a bracing shot of youthful adrenaline to the local music scene and drawing a loyal audience to the group’s imaginative concerts." - Chicago Sun Times

"Chicago’s Fulcrum Point New Music Project has grown into a critically acclaimed ensemble performing adventurous contemporary classical music programs in a variety of Chicago area venues." - Clef Notes, Journal of the Arts

"More than a lofty ideal, Fulcrum Point’s annual Concert for Peace celebrates the ability of music to lead and create dialogue between cultures." - Elliot Mandel,

"Fulcrum Point is a big reason new music has found its groove" - John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune

"Fulcrum Point New Music Project can serve up some of Chicago’s most varied and illuminating nights of contemporary music." - Lawrence A. Johnson,

"No performing arts group in the city has more avidly explored the cutting-edge connections among the world of new classical music, pop culture, technology and other fields than the Fulcrum Point New Music Project." - John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune

Aux In: All In!: All Ayanna
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An evening with Chicago’s Renaissance Woman, Ayanna Woods (aka Yadda Yadda).  Composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, collaborator with Manuel Cinema, Third Coast Percussion, and the Chicago Children’s Choir…

Discoveries: Hear & Be Heard
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Ryan Packard & “Flux Bikes”   A fun night of improvisation and Fluxus Events led by Ryan Packard, Ben LaMar Gay, and Rob Frye. Join in…

March Madness
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March 20, 2019  In partnership with Asian Improv aRts Midwest The most modern and experimental Japanese silent film to survive the fire bombings of WWII, A…

Aux In: All In! Amplified
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Kotoka Suzuki In Praise of Shadows Tonia Ko Breath, Contained Thierry de Mey Table Music (Musiqe de Table) Juri Seo Wah  Fulcrum Point New Music Project…

Electronic Mutations
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What happens to the sounds in a room when they encounter electronic signals? What is the dynamic energy of amplification, modulation, and mutation of these sound created by variations of signal,…

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