THE NEWS Pop Opera by Jacob TV

Fulcrum Point New Music Project presents
THE NEWS Pop Opera by JacobTV
Starring Nora Fisher and Loire


THE NEWS is a reality opera in which live music is synchronized with non-fiction footage from the international media, based on speech grooves. Singing anchors present news items about politics, economy, religion, war and peace, showbiz and trivialities. The avant pop music by brilliant Dutch composer JacobTV is a blend of classical, world, blues, jazz, rock, and pop.


“Stinging political parody, calculated to offend liberals and conservatives alike…The News made me want to laugh and cry and get angry, sometimes at the same time. That’s quite an accomplishment for any work of contemporary art.”
– John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune


The following video is an excerpt from The News, featuring the song “Small Pop Finale.”