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On April 15th Fulcrum Point held an intimate salon concert at the private residence of a friend and colleague. The program was a concert of new music featuring string quartet and trumpet played by our very own Stephen Burns. The evening was in the style of a fantastic Fluxus event, a genre that blurs the boundaries between, art, improv, and life. 


About the Salon Concert Series
Since January 2016, Fulcrum Point has hosted a series of Salon Concerts for our friends and patrons. The concerts have showcased a wide variety of original compositions and engaging improvisations and are always performed by our professional ensemble. Each concert is hosted at an intimate private residence, allowing for lively discussion and audience participation. Not only does this series introduce audiences to stimulating new works, but it educates them about classical, jazz, and electronic music. 


The Salon Concerts will be posted on the website as they are confirmed, so please check back soon! If interested in hosting your own private event/concert, please email us at pamela@fulcrumpoint.org


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