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Nurture Nature - Create Tomorrow Together

A multi-media performance of Music, Art, Poetry and Theater delves into the relationships between generations as we re-address our relationship with the world and consider: How do we take care of the world? What are we passing on to future generations and last but not least: What is our role as stewards of the earth? Performed by the Fulcrum Point Ensemble, The Albany Park Theater Project, the Merit School of Music Choir and the Side Project. Suitable for all ages.


Pre-show presentation by Barrel of Monkeys



This program is created in collaboration by Adam Webster (TSPTC), David Feiner (APTP), Jacalyn Rauch (MM), and Stephen Burns (FPNMP) Artistic Director, commissioned by the Chicago Children’s Humanities Festival for Oct 27, 2007 opening night performance.

Location: Chicago Humanities Festival, Thorne Auditorium


Chicago Humanities Festival, Thorne Auditorium
375 E. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL, 60611

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