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In partnership with the Poetry Foundation, Margaret Robson and Fulcrum Point New Music Project present music and poetry by composers and poets from Yale University. Music by Derek Bermel, Jacob Druckman, Charles Ives and Jonathan Berger meets poetry by Elizabeth Alexander, Eryn Green, Mark Strand, and John Hollander, among others.


We are thrilled to announce that composers Derek Bermel and Jonathan Berger will be in attendance.


The program includes:


  • Jonathan Berger “Antiphon”
  • Charles Ives “Folk songs”
  • Jacob Druckman “Dark Upon the Harp”
  • Derek Bermel “Cat Calls”


Featured Guests:
Julia Bentley, mezzo soprano
Don Cagen, shofar
Matthias Tacke, violin

Fulcrum Point Ensemble:
Stephen Burns, conductor/trumpet
Rex Martin, tuba
Andy Baker, trombone
Greg Flint, French horn
Kevin Hartman, trumpet
David Inmon, trumpet
Jeff Handley, percussion
Tina Laughlin, percussion

Location: Poetry Foundation


Poetry Foundation
61 W. Superior St., Chicago, IL, 60654

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