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Fulcrum Point Discoveries

Stephen Burns, artistic director, is pleased to invite you to the next of Fulcrum Point’s Discoveries sessions, a reading series for young and emerging American composers. We hope that you can join us.


After an exciting summer of new works for trumpet, strings, woodwinds, and percussion, we look forward to an evening of new music for percussion:


  • Brian Wach: Group Therapy for One
  • Wally List: An Ode to Mrs. Vorhees


Above will be performed by the Fulcrum Point percussionists, Jeff Handley, Tina Laughlin and Brandon Podjasek (artist in the photo) and conduted by Stephen Burns.


We hope that you will come listen to this new and exciting music for brass by young American composers and engage in conversation with them over a glass of wine immediately after the reading.


What is the Fulcrum Point Discoveries series?
Fulcrum Point Discoveries is a monthly series that presents new music by young and emerging American composers in a free public setting. This series gives underserved American composers the opportunity to hear their music interpreted by Chicago’s best musicians and to explore their work in dialogue with a community of performers, listeners, and other composers. The Fulcrum Point Discoveries series serves both composer and community by educating audiences and offering exposure to American composers while also giving them a unique venue for musical revelation, feedback, and development.

Location: Gottlieb Hall, Merit School of Music


Gottlieb Hall, Merit School of Music
38 South Peoria St., Chicago, IL 60607

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