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A Collaborative Expression of Healing & Unity Through Improvisation with a Unique Gathering of Master Musicians:


Special Guest Artists David Murray, Markus StockhausenFlorian Weber & Kahil El’ Zabar


Fulcrum Point presents an unprecedented gathering of 10 globally renowned musicians for a celebratory performance of improvisational “intuitive” music. Internationally acclaimed conductor and Fulcrum Point Founder Stephen Burns creates an event that transcends social and cultural limitations through international collaboration. Guests are invited to experience an evening of collective healing and spiritual solidarity, led by esteemed conduction masters Markus Stockhausen and experimental jazz icon Kahil El’Zabar.


With artists hailing from Europe to the U.S., this profound and playful ensemble of musical visionaries, from seemingly divergent backgrounds, aims to exemplify the power of the arts to unify and inspire. Stockhausen, celebrated German composer and trumpeter, will play alongside his longtime collaborator, jazz pianist Florian Weber, together forming the acclaimed improvisation duo “Inside Out.” Featured in  this impressive lineup will be celebrated jazz saxophonist and legendary improviser David Murray, jazz trombonist Andy Baker, Latin violinist James Sanders, percussionist Ian Ding, and bassist Luke Stewart.


We want to extend a thank you to the Goethe-Institut for their generous support on this program. 


For attendees interested in securing bottle service for this event, please contact Christina Mighty @ Vip@promontorychicago.com.


The Promontory has a fabulous restaurant. Please make dinner reservations here. 



Location: The Promontory


The Promontory
5311 S Lake Park Ave, Chicago, IL 60615

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