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From Chicago’s Fulcrum Point New Music Project:

Stephen Burns (trumpet), Collins Trier (bass), and percussionists Jeff Handley and Brandon Podjasek


Guest Artists from the Netherlands:

free Jazz bassist Wilbert de Joode, with painters Tali Farchi and Royce Deans



Live painting with live music mixes artistic disciplines in a way that is unpredictable and always a challenge,  when it is done on stage in front of a live audience anything can happen and usually does. But if the participants are world-class artists the likes of bassist, Wilbert de Joode and painters, Tali Farchi and Royce Deans;  you can be sure that you are in the hands of skilled professionals that not only know just what they are doing, but they will take you on a most amazing journey, using raw creativity as the vehicle. And they will provide you with a perfect take off and landing guaranteed.


Live painting with live music is improvisation at it’s highest level. Artwork is created in front of the audience to spontaneously composed music that is driven as much by the brushstrokes of the painter as the paint is inspired by the notes and the rhythms of the musicians.


Performances of Art Wtihout Boundaries are completely based in improvisation. This way of working live exposes the artists and their creative process so completely open and uncovered as to make them “naked.” It is a dialogue between the music, paint, movement and sound. It is giving and taking, listening and reacting, painting and playing. Live painting with live music is all about being in the moment. Chances are you have never seen anything like this before, and it is for certain that you never will see it quite like this ever again.


We would like to thank the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Chicago for their support in making possible the Dutch artists’ residency in Chicago.

Location: Evanston SPACE


Evanston SPACE
1245 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL, 60202

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