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7:00 – Pre-concert remix performance by DJ Moderne (aka Ken Ueno)
7:30 – Concert


Take an adventure of music, essays, and poetry from award winning Harvard composers Moravec, Woolf, Ueno and Lieberson. Neo-romantic, post-minimalist, and post-modernist music inspired by Eliot, Beckett, and David Foster Wallace. Preconcert remix and Post-concert session with DJ Moderne (aka Ken Ueno) from UC Berkeley.


Ken Ueno – Disjecta [2004] (Midwest Premiere), an abstract sonic soundscape

Randall Woolf – Everything Is Green [2003] (Midwest Premiere), embedding iconoclastic author David Foster Wallace’s short story of the same name into a song without words

Peter Lieberson – Piano Quintet [2001] (Midwest Premiere), a passionate rhapsody based on a four-note motif
Paul Moravec – Time Machine [2000], a neo-romantic, dream-like tour of the development of clocks and clock-thought from the Renaissance to the present


Location: Harris Theater for Music and Dance


Harris Theater for Music and Dance
205 East Randolph Drive, Chicago, IL, 60601

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