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Fulcrum Point Discoveries
Ryan Packard for Discoveries

Ryan Packard & “Flux Bikes”


A fun night of improvisation and Fluxus Events led by Ryan Packard, Ben LaMar Gay, and Rob Frye. Join in their concept/process and get down and dirty.


7pmAudience-participatory Fluxus Events led by Simon Anderson & Stephen Burns: 

  • George Brecht, For a Drummer [for Eric]
  • Emmett Williams, Four Directional Song Of Doubt For Five Voices
  • George Maciunas, Solo for Balloons [var. orch]
  • Benjamin Patterson, Paper Piece
  • Larry Miller, Remote Music
  • George Brecht’ Incidental Music

Below are interactive events for the entire room to join in: 

  • Alison Knowles, Shuffle
  • Dick Higgins, New Constellation [Constellation #7]
  • Mieko Shiomi, Disappearing Music for Face


8pm – Ryan Packard and Flux Bikes (Ben LaMar Gay and Rob Frye)


Location: Fulton Street Collective


Fulton Street Collective
1821 W Hubbard Street, Chicago, IL 60622

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