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The Dada movement blazed the trail for rock’s anarchy, pop culture’s self-consuming humor, and the outrageous investigations of Fluxus. Antheil’s Ballet mécanique fills the stage with airplane propellers, sirens, alarms, two grand pianos and eight synchronized player pianos—it vivifies the Dada manifesto. Carrying that spirit forward, Zuidam’s Three Mechanisms pulsates with the rebellious spirit of punk. Ter Veldhuis shares his pop media obsession using a boom box full of sound bites in Lipstick. And Miller’s Remote Music questions the very idea of performance.


Hanna Higgins and the UIC Fluxus Ensemble will stage performance pieces throughout the building before the concert; arrive early for the artistic mayhem!


To meet Jacob ter Veldhuis in person for a Q/A, please join us in the donors’ room at the post-concert reception.


  • Three Mechanisms (Chicago Premiere) — Robert Zuidam
  • Lipstick (Chicago Premiere) — Jacob ter Veldhuis
  • Remote Music — (World Premiere of a new version for multiple keyboards) Larry Miller
  • Ballet mécanique (Midwest Premiere of original version) — George Antheil


Featured Artists


  • Mary Stolper — flute/alto flute and boom box
  • Kuang-Hao Huang — pianist
  • Amy Briggs — pianist
  • Alison Knowles, Fluxus Artist
  • Simon Anderson, Fluxus Artist
  • Hannah Higgins and the UIC Fluxus Ensemble


Special thanks to Consulates General of The Netherlands in Chicago and New York for Jacob ter Veldhuis’ attendance at the concert.


Story & Clark Player Pianos courtesy of QRS Music


Photo: Essen Ensemble Musikfabrik; Photo credit: http://www.antheil.org


Ticket prices include a post-concert reception with the artists, featuring hors d’oeuvres with wines generously donated by Chicago-based Vin DiVino Ltd. Importers.

Location: Harris Theater for Music and Dance


Harris Theater for Music and Dance
205 E. Randolph Street, Chicago, IL, 60601

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