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This event will the be the culminating presentation of our new educational pilot program, Creating Identity. In Creating Identity, Fulcrum Point teaching artists work with 7th-10th grade CPS students, encouraging them to explore their individuality and character. Fulcrum Point’s eclectic music serves as a catalyst to inspire a body of work containing creative writing, art, and music. A new social learning tech platform from MashPlant compliments this program, allowing students and teachers to upload videos, pictures, and music for sharing in a safe 24/7 social digital community.


This pilot launched with 17 sessions taking place at Jane Addams Elementary School and continuing through 2017. The pilot culminates on February 2nd at The Stony Island Arts Bank, with an event allowing the students to present their “Identity Boxes,” containing the poetry, music, and art that they’ve created over the course of the program. 


This is a private event, exclusive to Jane Addams parents, students, and staff. 


Location: The Stony Island Arts Bank


The Stony Island Arts Bank

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