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New Art Music Inspired by Rock, Latin, Jazz, and World Music


  • Dead Elvis — Michael Daugherty
  • Lewis Kirk, solo bassoon
  • Quemar las Naves — Javier Alvarez
  • Hot — Franco Donatoni
  • Jeremy Ruthrauff, solo saxophones
  • subZERO — Daniel Schnyder
  • David Taylor, solo bass-trombone


Pop-Art brilliance and Darmstadt sophistication meet post-modern Latin Jazz in 4 Jaw-dropping virtuoso showpieces  by international superstars, performed by Fulcrum Point, Chicago’s “barrier-busting” leader of New Art Music.


This 75-minute Cabaret showcases the hottest New Art Music of the last 20 years. Inspired by Rock, Latin, Jazz, and World Music this music will transport you from Elvis’ Graceland to Castañeda’s Mexico, through European “imaginary jazz’ to the tribal sounds of Morocco.


Michael Daugherty is the Roy Lichtenstein of music. He writes diamantine New Art Music inspired by American Pop icons— Superman, Jackie O, Motown, J. Edgar Hoover, and, of course, The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis. (“Dead Elvis”)


Javier Alvarez composes post-modernist deconstructed Salsa, Merengue, and Montuno—dark, funky and mesmerizing. (“Quemar Las Naves”)


Franco Donatoni’s “Hot” is a classic modernist’s take on “imaginary Jazz” using Cool Jazz voicings and dark, Darmstadt chromaticism. (“Hot”)


subZERO is an amalgam of Blues, Rock, and World Music created by Jazz saxophonist and composer Daniel Schnyder (pronounced SHNEEder) as a vehicle for the outrageous bass-trombone virtuoso David Taylor who has played with everyone from Gil Evans to Pierre Boulez, Duke Ellington and the Rolling Stones. (“subZERO”)

Location: Merchandise Mart


Merchandise Mart
222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL 60654

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