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Side 2 Panel 6 Aux In_ Electronics ToniaKo

Charles Peck Synthetic Twin (4 players playing two instruments designed by composer)(9 min)

Kotoka Suzuki In Praise of Shadows (3 players playing different kinds of paper)(9 min)

Tonia Ko Breath, Contained (5 players playing bubble rap, 1 mixer/electronics)(14min)

Tristan Perich Observations (2 players playing Crotates) (11 min)

Fulcrum Point New Music Project presents an evening of installations focusing on materials, gadgets, and sensors examined through the lens of modern day composers and sound artists brought to life through performance.  Using an array of microphones and sonic filtering software, each composer seeks to explore and capture the complexities of our everyday working lives through raw materials, gesture, or repetition. After each work, audience members our encouraged to come experience, experiment, and interact with each of the evenings installations.

Location: Golden Triangle


Golden Triangle
330 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL

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