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Robin Kwan

Fulcrum Point New Music Project is proud to be featured as the music headliner at Asian Pop-Up Cinema‘s Lifetime Achievement Award Night, honoring Teddy Robin Kwan.* Fulcrum Point will perform the award-winning, original sound score of the movie Gallants, written by Honoree Teddy Robin Kwan, with music arranged by Tomy Wai against the projection of the movie montage specially edited by Chicago’s own David Baker. Stephen Burns will serve as the evening’s conductor and music director. 


The musical program will also feature three of the honoree’s award-winning movie title songs performed by winners of a city-wide “Chicago’s Got Cantonese Talent” singing competition with Fulcrum Point providing the live accompaniment.


*Teddy Robin Kwan (Kwan Wai-pang) is a Hong Kong English pop singer-songwriter, actor, director and producer. In the 60s when Hong Kong English pop (50s – 70s) was at its peak, Teddy was on top of the charts and led a band he named Teddy Robin and the Playboys. He later became an actor, film director, producer and composer. 


The concert program: 


“City of Fire”
“Cops and Robbers”
“Til Death Do We Scar”


Written by Teddy Robin Kwan


More info and website link: 

Location: The Chicago History Museum


The Chicago History Museum
1601 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL

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