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Fulcrum Point’s 8th Annual Peace Concert draws inspiration from the transcendent wisdom of Zen Buddhism, the poignant poetry of a Hiroshima survivor, and the heartfelt resolution of Negro Spirituals.


The following three concerts are part of Essential Art, Essential Elements a five-year series of Art, Music, and Literature inspired by the Essential Elements of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire.  The first two seasons explored water and earth respectively.  This year the element is air and we’re airborne-basking in light and vision, floating on the life of breath, soaring on the winds of change.


  • Peace Piece Three: Little Song the Atom Bomb — Lou Harrison
  • Homage to the Breath — Stephen Jaffe
  • Horobi No Nakakara: from the midst of destruction — Kevin James
  • Dhyana (Meditation) — Zhou Long
  • Ain’t Goin’ to Study War No More — John Harbison


Guest Artists:


  • Chicago Chamber Choir, Timm Adams, director
  • Timothy Jones, baritone

Location: Harris Theater for Music and Dance


Harris Theater for Music and Dance
205 E. Randolph Street, Chicago, IL, 60601

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